Movex is feature-complete yet still in Development for now. Contributions and feedback are much appreciated!

Serverless realtime data sharing infrastructure

Cut the development effort in half and ship way faster by abstracting the backend logic and server-side away with Movex! 🚀

Open Source
Movex is completely open source. You are welcome to contribute.
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Generated Backend
Movex takes care of the networking logic, databases, state sharing strategies, deploying and maintaining the server(s) and a lot of other decisions in between.
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Authoritative Server
It's important to keep the app logic outside the reach of potential bad actors, which is why it gets processed on the server.
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Real-Time Sync
Movex uses the Observable Pattern under the hood to track state changes on the registered resources and notify the UI layer.
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Secret State
Sometimes you need to keep parts of the state secret from the rest of the peers until the time is appropriate to reveal, like a game of cards for example.
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Typesafe Functional Programming
Movex is built entirely in Typescript. If you know Redux or the React.useReducer() hook you'll feel right at home. If not Movex is quick to get started with.
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Try Movex with a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors

Although very basic, this example showcases all the features that makes Movex unique: Authoritative Server, No Server Code, Secret State, Realtime Updates and of course Type-Safety. Feel free to look over the code below.

Note: A special MovexLocalMasterProvider is used here to allow the "Master Server" to run in the browser for demo purposes only.


What does "No Server Code" or "No Server Hassle" really mean?
It means there that you, the developer, don't have to write, build, distribute or maintain any server code. You only have to concern with the client/local code as you'd be developing for single player/user and movex takes care of the server part seamlessly.
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How can there be "Server Authoritative" without a server?
Spot on, detective! There is in fact a server sunning, but it's just abstracted away by movex + movex-service so you don't have to bother with it.
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What can I build with Movex?
Movex uses Deterministic Action Propagation under the hood, which means it's propagating Actions (small bits of data) from client to server and server to client(s). This works great for games (or applications) with infrequent changes (traffic) such as a turn-based game (e.g. Age of Empires) but will most likely not be enough for a shooter game or something that requires a lot of user input sent over the network. There are some ideas to make that possible in the future as well.
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Can I use Movex with React?
Yes. Just use `movex-react`.
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