Movex is feature-complete yet still in Development for now. Contributions and feedback are much appreciated!
Frontend Only

Frontend Only

Yep. No back-end code needed. 🥳

One of the most time consuming parts for me, in building multiplayer turn-based games or apps that involved a shared state among multiple users, was definitely the back-end part. This involved dealing with networking logic, databases, state sharing strategies, deploying and maintaining the server(s) and a lot of other decisions in between. And on top of that, after doing it a few times it became pretty redundant as there's quite a bit of overlap between each codebase, and it takes away from the real fun part of building my game.

So with Movex, I attempt to take all of that hassle away and let you, the developer do what I assume you love most – build your game or app😍!

Btw, If you do find pleasure in building networking and server logic I'll could use a hand with Movex 😉. You are always welcome to open an issue or a PR on github (opens in a new tab).