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Secret State

Secret State

Sometimes, some parts of the state need not be known by every peer subscribed to it right away. This is called Secret State or Secret State Fragments.

Think about a game of Poker for example, where each player gets a hand of cards that are meant to be kept secret until the end of the round when every remaining player will reveal their cards. In a naive implementation of a Shared State setup, all of the hands would be kept somewhere in the global state and thus easily accessible by anyone who knows where to look (e.g. at the network traffic) – and thus a bad actor would be able to read their values even if the UI might not actually display them.

Movex makes it very easy to keep these a secret, by replacing specific values of the state with something more generic that the developer has control over.

This is made possible by the use of Private Actions and Reconciliatory Checks.

Learn more on how that works.